India is ready to partner with South Africa in space exploration

Newly appointed Consul General Mahesh Kumar said at a Republic Day reception in Johannesburg that India is ready to accept more investment from South Africa.

South Africa has the potential to partner with India in space exploration, he said.

He said the two countries are exploring a number of areas of joint cooperation , including science, technology and education.

“Currently, a program is underway to send Indian astronauts into space. This will be India’s first space flight. We are ready to explore the possibilities of cooperation with South Africa in this area,” Kumar said.

“Since independence, we have faced the challenges of poverty and illiteracy, but have been successful in turning our country into a self-confident nation based on our diversity ,” he added.

Kumar also revealed that several companies are looking at India as a place to invest, including some from South Africa.

“We recognize that the current mutual investment from South Africa is less than the potential we have. We would like to increase the flow of money from South Africa to India and are ready to solve the problems of South African companies,” he said, promising support from the High Commission in Pretoria and consulates in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

“We are grateful to the South African government for opening the doors for many Indian businesses here. Indian investment in various sectors of the South African economy has created thousands of local jobs, wealth and local business opportunities,” said the Consul General.

The diplomat noted that India is one of the largest trade partners of South Africa. ThePrint writes about it .

“Our goal is to increase the trade base. Our trade and investment is shaped and sustained by the unique links that exist between India and South Africa,” he mentioned.

In addition, Kumar said that India and South Africa are also collaborating on international platforms to amplify the voice of the global South.

“The two countries are working closely to increase the influence of the global South in international politics. Together we have the potential to become a pillar of peace and global prosperity,” he concluded.


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