In Moscow, studies using neural networks were included in the CHI system

Neural networks have been helping specialists analyze x-rays for several years now. However, since the beginning of 2023, such studies in Moscow have been included in the compulsory medical insurance system – they are paid for at a special rate.

“Now such technologies are officially acquired through all existing procurement procedures and are used to provide specific medical services. This is no longer an experiment, this is the implementation of the results of the experiment, ” said Anton Vladzimirsky , Deputy Director for Research at the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine of the DZM.

The experiment began several years ago. X-ray or other radiation studies were sent by laboratory assistants from district clinics for analysis to radiologists at the reference center – here computer algorithms came to the rescue.

“Mathematics that allows you to automate certain very routine, repetitive, simple operations of the same type. This is the essence, in fact, ” said Vladimirsky.

To measure the area, volume or angle in the images – the diagnosis, and hence the life and health of patients, depends on the accuracy of the results. Computer systems help people not to make mistakes. Today, radiologists of the Telemedicine Center describe more than 80,000 CT scans, MRI and other studies every week. The complex service can simultaneously detect eight pathologies in one image.

“All measurements and all pathological changes that the service finds, it marks and additionally issues it to the doctor in text form,” explained Igor Shulkin , Deputy Director for Prospective Development of the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine of the DZM.

At the same time, the last word, rechecking the data, is up to the person. The development of state standards for the use of computer algorithms is another area of ​​activity for the Telemedicine Center.

The center’s activities are based on Russian developments. In addition, its specialists exchange experience with foreign companies from India, Israel and other countries. The plans include further development of algorithms, expansion of the list of studies for the analysis of which they can be used.


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